About Us

The philosophy of Holy Family College of Nursing is consistent with the philosophy of Nursing, the philosophy of education and the values and beliefs of the Sisters of Sacred Heart Congregation.

Faculty of Holy Family College of Nursing believe that nursing is a scientific practice discipline that takes a holistic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of actual and potential responses to illness. Nursing as an art and science is closely associated with catholic doctrine. “Whenever you did this to one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it for me “(Matthew 25: 40). This gospel will guide all the nurses and students of this college to practice nursing in the service and educational side. The goal of nursing is to lessen the effects of illness, promoting comfort and healing, and assisting patients to achieve optimum state of health or to attain a dignified death.

We believe that Health is a continuum between wellness and illness. Wellness is a state of being able to function optimally within physical, physiological, psychological social and spiritual context.Illness is a state of functional deviation which is identified as a change with in the physical,physiological, psychological, social and spiritual level. Health is viewed as the right of all the people, with individual choice as prerequisite. The science and art of Nursing concerned with individuals,families and communities along the wellness – illness continuum.

We believe that Nursing Education is continuous, dynamic and interactive processes that take place in an atmosphere of mutual respect and helpfulness. We believe that quality nursing education will prepare the students to provide safe, compassionate and quality nursing care to individual, families and communities. The principles of nursing ethics, polices, and an understanding of human dignity will guide each student to deliver their responsibility with in their scope of practice. The role of value education in the overall development of an individual is well acknowledged and a noncompulsive approach of the application of catholic principles will guide the students to achieve this goal.We do our  level best to make this institution a centre of excellence by provision of skilled professional teachers, adopting innovative educational technology, collaborating with other health care institutions and by providing a stimulating environment for the students to grow. We view curricular and co-curricular activities are two sides of nursing education; which one complement to other. Our interactive relationships with Indian Nursing Council, Kerala Nurses and Midwives council, Mahatma Gandhi University, and Kerala University of Health and Sciences (KUHS) enhance the educational and practical component of professional nursing.

We believe that all patients are accepted and loved unconditionally, as children of God. Every person is unique and is in constant interaction with the environment. Human diversity is cherished and their dignity is honoured irrespective of their social status or caste while delivering nursing care. The students are prepared to maintain the confidentiality about the patient and to offer advocacy when needed. Fundamental to the nursing practice is the therapeutic relationship between the nurse and the patient that is based on trust, understanding, compassion, support and serves to empower the patient to make life choices.

The Institution believes that faculty are the integral part in the process of education and they are the spirit of our college. Our staffs are our best asset and will be treated with respect. The faculty values excellence in teaching with an individual focus on the learner. A competent, dedicated,nurturing faculty and support staff guide and teach our students through a carefully structured curriculum. The faculty demonstrate an exemplary professional attitude in the teaching learning process to mould an adult learner to a safe, competent nurse. The teacher is seen as a mentor and facilitator for students in understanding nursing as well as in the application of comprehensive nursing care. The learning process provides the teacher and the learner with the opportunity to test ideas, analyze risks test ideas, analyze risks

We accept the responsibility of being involved in the nursing research and also in continuing education programmes.

We acknowledge our commitment to the society in which we live and proud to be a part of any health promotional activities. As a change agent we believe in supporting laws and regulations to uplift the quality of the life of the people around us. We believe that Holy Family College of Nursing is capable of providing good partnership with governmental and non- governmental organisation in helping the community to meet their health needs.

Finally we firmly believe that, as an instrument of God, our successes are the gift of the God, and failures are the bridge which will help us to connect with Him to know Him better.

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